Saturday, August 29, 2009


I love to create fun and attractive crafts. My favorite thing to create right now are bags and totes. Here are a few that I've made that have new owners (and some that I haven't parted with):Here is the first one that I made so that my 2-year-old could have something a little cuter than a plain black bag to take her books and "keep-me-quiet things" to church in. Turns out I use it too sometimes. love it
This one was hard work sewing around that applique but totally worth it. It looks super cute. I love the green and brown combo.
This style of bag is my favorite that I have created. I love the center pleat and the cording around it. Super fun. Maybe later I"ll put up a tutorial for this bag.

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  1. These bags are sooooo cute. You are really talented.