Sunday, October 4, 2009

Goodwill is fun

I like to get Annabelle out of the house in the mornings before lunch (mostly so the house stays a little cleaner). Sometimes we go to the library or the parks that have streams to throw rocks in but with the cooler weather in Oregon comes the rain. We also like to go to Target or Fred Meyer but when Jas has the car it's usually a stroller trip to the Goodwill. Oh, I made a sweet find this week. A nasty white shelf. Doesn't look that bad with the boogers sanded off. I also found some white vases. Not sure if they are suppose to hold flowers or candles but the are sweet. Total for a booger shelf and three vases was just under 5 bucks and look how sweet it all came together with a little paint and some other things I found around my house.


  1. Love it! I understand the whole getting out of the house thing. Dakoda and I try to go somewhere daily. Poor little guy...craft stores are usually my first stop. :) I love your clips and all the other things that you sent to your sister for the boutique sale. They are very cute and modern. I was wondering what glue you use on your clips? I am looking for a new glue and have not had much luck. Email me if you get a chance, Thanks!